Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer Book Giveaway

Été en France- No Passport Required

In keeping with our Five Year Anniversary Issue whose interview subjects take us deep into the past and present of French culture, we are doing a special book giveaway of Salley Vickers’ latest novel, The Cleaner of Chartres (Viking).  This unique novel, utilizing the author's in-depth perceptions about emotions and life passages as a Jungian psychotherapist, explores the influence and solidarity of place in relation to the ways we live, how we survive and who we affect in the atmosphere that defines us.   Vickers, the acclaimed UK best-selling author of Miss Garnet’s Angel, brings the ancient cathedral of Notre Dame to new life through the spirit of a mysterious woman turning to its structure for a symbolic sanctuary and reconciliation of her past.  One lucky winner will get a hardcover edition to own. 

Our summer challenge is this- write no more than 500 words (fiction or non-fiction) about a day you spend in France.  You have the freedom to choose what region and time period you prefer.  What is essential is that you include detailed descriptions that are transportive to the reader.  You must include at least one famed landmark (historical, architectural, etc…) and one French phrase (could be a few words).  Think about who you would meet, what you would do and the role you would play in the events of this day that you create.  You can have, be, see and obtain anything.  Step outside your comfort zone and really ask yourself what you would want during this twenty-four hour period that is entirely in your control.  Embrace joie de vivre and share the details.  Your story should be sent to by August 26th.  The winner will receive a hardcover copy of the book and see their story published in the autumn/winter issue.

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