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Image below has fireworks and sound, photos and background design by NMB

On July 3rd, the founding anniversary weekend, we went deep with a long, heartfelt message to all of you on my FB page as well as the magazine’s (a link was also put on the mag website home page with the photo of eagles--we tested it and didn't need to log into FB to read text). We talked about unity and the freedom to forge ahead as we find ourselves, as a nation in a new term, as a new world in a new phase, albeit a very different time with some lingering and some new challenges and themes as well as fresh hopes. Coinciding with that holiday weekend, there was the most significant solar flare (interestingly) since 2017. As we move forward in this new term and phase, described “cosmic fireworks.” As part of the X-1 class, it ranked amongst the most powerful “eruptions on the sun.” Fleeting, it experienced a quick rotation but caused a brief “radio blackout.” So far away, this quick flare still had the ability to affect us down here. The sun is in a cycle numbered 25 which began in 2020 and we’re making sense of the cycle at the center of our individual and universal systems. Far from the first celestial event in recent years to draw attention, it followed fast on the heels of an eclipse in June which we timed to coincide with a great essay by Vonnie Winslow Crist on creation that called to us as storytellers: (from our description on the page) “ The circle goes round in our sharing and creating and on this day of the solar eclipse, the ring of fire—our passion, our creation, our love and connectedness as creatives burns bright in the dark.” We mentioned the extended need for light, the next eclipse due in December and the presence of holidays unforsaken along this part of the East Coast. It’s not only our WPWT Holiday “Bizarre” page paying homage to the comforts of Christmas and winter celebrations.

Which brings us to what we want to focus on in this post. On July 3rd, we spoke of unity and freedom. In these times, what seems a peculiar choice of theme is actually a kind of human necessity and maintainer of morale. We choose celebration. Rather than making light of anything, it draws out and expands the light from every possible thing. In this and neighboring states, you can take a drive through suburban areas and find that many people still have their homes lit with Christmas lights which is very unusual. It’s been that kind of a fluctuating concept of time following 2020. We need the light literally and metaphorically, in and out. In fact, there was a local radio promotion days ago urging our region to celebrate Christmas in July by putting out a few d├ęcor items, strings of light (if not already there), and they played holiday music all weekend. In that vein, it is a fitting time to do the raffle. A good time for presents? Sure. Raffle prizes suit that nicely by bringing with them a little cheer and comfort. All you had to do to enter was to “like” the WPWT Holiday “Bizarre” page—if you have not, BE SURE TO DO SO BY JULY 31st. Winners will randomly be drawn.

Ready for some excitement this summer?

Our fantastic donors, all genuine, amazing people we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years are right here with you, illuminating things with their gracious generosity.

6 AWESOME PRIZES: Need something to read? Maybe a selection from a fave author like Erica Bauermeister, Alice Hoffman, or Anne Serling? For fiction, from two NYT best-selling authors, there are two Reese’s Book Club picks—these fiction selections are The Scent Keeper and The Rules of Magic. For non-fiction, from a widely acclaimed author serving on the board of directors of the Rod Serling Memorial Foundation, comes a beloved tome essential to past and present, informing the future—the memoir selection is As I Knew Him: My Dad, Rod Serling. Have a book you want to get out there and are looking for more exposure? A book promo package from the modern innovations of BookDoggy (more details below on the prize and donor, Martin Crosbie, below). Want to refresh your look as so many articles talk about this dire need after living in sweats or pajamas for over a year? A consult to refresh your look and incorporate the essential you in a sustainable way from the practical glam of GenuINe STYLE (more details below on the prize and donor, Amy Juneau, below). Want a precious piece of artwork with meaning to enrich a special space in your home or office? A painting from internationally exhibited artist, Linda Bigness.


Donor, NYT best-selling author, Erica Bauermeister

Prize: The Scent Keeper ~visit site for description

(A Reese's Book Club pick)

Now in paperback, Bauermeister also has the latest, House Lessons: Renovating a Life and there will be a forthcoming feature from us about how this book carves out a space for the soulful writer, the heart of a family and sheltered us in its pages and impacted us as we navigated the height of the pandemic, my mother’s cancer treatment and the aftermath.


Donor, NYT best-selling author, Alice Hoffman

Prize: The Rules of Magic ~visit site for description

(NYT best-seller, A Reese’s Book Club pick)

Hoffman’s newsletter describes the summer reading series of books associated with Practical Magic. “Throughout the summer we will be reading the whole series leading up to the release of the fourth and final novel, The Book of Magic, out this October.”

The Rules of Magic coincides with August, so this timing works well with our raffle. We are working on a forthcoming feature about Magic Lessons which powerfully shook me and led to revelations, underscoring important questions of history and the roles of women.


Donor, acclaimed non-fiction and fiction author, Anne Serling

Prize: As I Knew Him: My Dad, Rod Serling

(See site for blurbs about the memoir from stars like Robert Redford and Carol Burnett and more, including fellow famed authors)

Anne Serling is currently at work on a novel as well as an updated edition of the beloved memoir where we are introduced to the man who surpassed the myth. She contributed a special, impactful holiday reflection about her father to the WPWT Holiday “Bizarre” page.


Donor, Martin Crosbie (author—his success has been noted in Publisher’s Weekly, Forbes, and more…) and Founder and Managing Director at BookDoggy Free and Almost-Free Ebooks

Prize: promo for a discounted e-book ~visit site for further details, (some are informally listed below for the purpose of this prize page but to get full, proper details please go to official site and its staff)

Your discounted eBook can receive things like promo in their newsletter, being featured on their site, appearing beside your author site listing, and social media exposure, YouTube channel video shown, links to where to purchase... Again, the above informal summary of details is not meant to be official or complete, so please visit site, author tab, for proper and full details or contact site.


Donor, Amy Juneau of GenuINe STYLE   

Prize: A 30-min styling consultation! Amy Juneau of GenuINe STYLE will help you update your look, envisioning new styles you hadn't thought of before—and sustainably, straight from your closet. All the while, blending your style goals and genuine personality for a fresh new look!

*Winner receives 2 outfit updates including accessories*

See Amy featured in’s fashion blog in conjunction with Polyvore's transitional style contest.

Learn more about GenuINe STYLE:

Info (at) .


Donor, internationally exhibited artist, Linda Bigness

Prize: Pears Parade encaustic on panel, 6”X6" inches, value $150.

~Visit her site to learn more about Linda Bigness and her artwork. Her bio is also the first listed on the Artists’ Gallery page of the WPWT site ( 

Looking through the artist’s work is like a going through a scrapbook of time as there are a number of images featured in different issues of WPWT over the years with poignant meaning. Her vast array of work always draws the eye of the soul and we celebrate and congratulate her latest achievements with the Kirkland Art Center in NY.