Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Divining the Prime Meridian~ Second Book Giveaway of the Season!

Our first book giveaway of the season heralded the arrival of the Art & Soul issue, kicking off its theme, spurring written discussion of art. This second giveaway, following the issue's release, involves discovery, observations and the sharing of perspectives.

Divining the Prime Meridian, the latest poetry collection by Carol Smallwood, looks at the world through the poet's perspective, interchanging lenses to view everything from the seemingly small, intimate everyday facets, to the larger natural, geographic scopes. The collection includes seventy-five free verse and formal poems. These are divided into the following sections: Domestic Life, The Natural World, Health and Welfare, Geography, The Mental Realm, Cities, Seasons. With a substantial span of subjects, the poetry often seeks to elevate the mundane through the poet's attached significance and insight. Her poem, "Diaries" captures the need to pin down thoughts, the simulated sense of control attainable on the blank, unlined page. Other poems elevate heavy subject matter with vivid imagery and a steadying sense of the tangible.

For this book giveaway, we ask you to discover, observe and share your personal insights/perspectives regarding the Art & Soul issue. As we've ventured to the edge of the map in uncharted territory with this issue, we want you to divine the significance of its elements as pertaining to you. You may comment below or send us a message via our feedback form on the Feedback & Questions page of the website about what facets (whether stories or poems you could relate to your life experiences, essays/interviews/art that inspired) spoke to you. We've already received great insights in the past few weeks and through the giveaway, we encourage more! The winner's name will be randomly drawn from amongst sent in and posted comments received within the next three weeks. We will then contact the winner and have the book sent to them.

Divining the Prime Meridian is available via Amazon and WordTech Communications:
WordTech Communications

(See Amazon link for more information and reviews. See publisher link for more information, blurbs about the collection and other sites the collection is available through.)


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  1. Nicole and Denise have proficiently produced another enchanting issue. The fiction is impressively engaging, and the art is amazing. Actually, Ken Steinkamp’s multi-faceted painting energetically renders the viewer helpless (in a good way), while Patti Dietrick’s ocean photograph accomplishes the difficult feat of being both haunting and sublime.

    And the poetry and non-fiction? Each section is manifestly well done. In fact, the works skillfully present more–than-a-glimpse in to the assorted mechanisms humans employ when confronting microcosmic or macrocosmic matters.

    To sum it up, fantastic job!