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Book Giveaway from The Write Place At the Write Time Literary Journal

The Write Place At the Write Time literary journal is having a book giveaway in partnership with Viking Press- here is an excerpt from the featured q&a with author Luke Williams about his debut novel, The Echo Chamber.  Visit the Announcements page of The Write Place At the Write Time
 ( for the full q&a, contest rules and the link to The Echo Chamber page:

Readers' Corkboard

~ In participation with Viking Press, we have featured below a q&a with Luke Williams, author of The Echo Chamber and we are doing a free giveaway of the book before it goes on sale for our readers!!!  To enter to win, simply compose a fiction paragraph with the first sentence using the title of the book in it.  The most creative entry will win!  Send entries to:

with The Echo Chamber in the subject line by July 15th!!! 

Q&A with
Luke Williams, author of

(Viking / On-sale: August 8, 2011)

You started writing THE ECHO CHAMBER as a student at University of East Anglia. How helpful was the course in shaping you as a writer, and would you recommend creative writing courses to others embarking on a novel?

The course was hugely helpful. It gave me confidence (the right kind, in the end—I think I began with entirely the wrong kind and soon had this knocked out of me), as well as the space and time in which to think and research and write intensively. All invaluable to a novice writer and one reason to recommend that aspiring novelists consider developing their projects on such a course. It also threw me into the path of other writers who’ve since become good pals, trusted colleagues and, in one particular case, my first reader and on/off collaborator. But I’d say the course’s most significant impact on me was the term I spent studying with W.G. Sebald, our workshop tutor. I was already a huge fan and drew much inspiration from his books, but his teaching also shaped my work and my approach to it.

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