Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Journey and the Destination

In coming across an interesting article about making the process of your book an education, I started to think about the symbolic journeys we all travel in the final quest of bringing our books/works to their full potential.  Where this article follows the knowledge gained in terms of learning the marketing/industry side, (http://alexisgrant.com/2011/06/08/turn-writing-into-education/) in concise steps, it brings to mind the theoretical, creative aspects and the lessons of perseverance as well.  Some writers contend that the writing of their book is like a pregnancy, first conceived with an idea and eventually born into a full product, that, essentially is a rebirth for the writer as well, on both a personal and professional level.  Others look at the publishing process like a search for the Holy Grail or still another set thinks in terms of the concept inherent in Edgar Allan Poe's poem, El Dorado.  The knight bravely sets forth for the ancient mythic city of gold and journeys so long that by and by he becomes old and weary.  He meets a pilgrim on his way and asks him how to reach the city.  The answer?  "Ride, boldly ride," The shade replied- "If you seek for Eldorado!"

How I view it is that each process associated with the book, whether it is the work of the writing, the process of publishing or the latter task of marketing, they are all part of a journey that you have to learn a great deal of tips, facts, methods, strategies to 'survive' or essentially reach fulfillment; that said, the most important knowledge you'll learn along the way is about yourself.  Process and savor each step of the journey as a writer and an individual.  The poem by Poe seems to be saying that for any object worthy of attaining, any extraordinary quest worth completing, stay on the road and ride boldly on if you truly seek it.  The journey that shapes you might be the key to the ultimate treasure which may or may not match the initially intended destination.  Often times writers that were swept into different paths, even for a time different locations or professions, found the greatness within that would lead them on to their writing; had they not spotted opportunity, given up or tried only the same way to reach the desired end, they might not have realized themselves completely.  Ride, boldly ride! 

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  1. Sometimes it is exhausting, but I am still seeking my Eldorado!